An exhibition on Photography

This group exhibition brings together twenty one diverse artists from different fields and discaplines, all of which share a common interest in the nature of photography.

Through dealing directly with the medium itself, the act of making an image is not what is at stake . Instead it is the means, processes and technicalities of photography that are in play. Rather than the emphasis being placed wholey on the end result, what is known as the image, Vom Photo asks if it possible for meaning to be generated to be elswhere within the photographic act.

Photography has always been a physical medium and it it difficult to see that changing. Even with the advent of digital photography, essentially a different, almost weighless technology that could opperate on different terms, we still think of and refer to photography by using the paramaters outlined by the physicality of film. For this reason it is by nature a very sculptural medium, though images exist in a two-dimensional reality they are nevertheless supported by a three-dimensional one and owing to photography´s particular relationship to time, it can also be argued that its true reality is one of all four dimensions.

This considered, it is the intent of Vom Photo to explore all of photography´s manifestations. From it´s origional production of still images through the moving image and into more sculptural and even instalational aspects of photography as can be explored through its various apparatus and other such tools of production.

The photographic can exist in a multitude of forms, and with its display of film, images, sculpture and artist books, Vom Photo aims to demonstrate this.