Johannes Bendzulla

Epson Tintenpatrone T5967 Light Black, (Originalverpackt, ausgelaufen), 2011

Düsseldorf based artist Johannes Bendzulla shows a broken but originally packed printer cartridge in its original size. It deals with the possibility and the production of pictures in general. The broken ink cartridge can’t be used to produce images anymore but through the process of scanning and then printing it, Bendzulla turns it into a real picture again.

Spiegel, 2010

How do you take a picture of an object that’s invisible by itself and that reflects everything around it?
People who want to sell their mirrors on e-Bay have to deal with exactly that problem. Johannes Bendzulla based in Düsseldorf, collected the most exciting results of this photographic experiment to show the artistic quality of these totally non-artistic photographs.

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