Adam Harrison

Crosswalk. Duration: 44 Seconds, 2011

The „still films“ of Duesseldorf-based artist Adam Harrison use still photographs to present filmic image sequences that ask the viewer to look at the pictures in a durational manner. Crosswalk. Duration: 44 Seconds depicts a woman waiting at a crosswalk for the light to change. Presented on a black painted stripe 100 cm high and 1100 cm long, the individual pictures are not evenly spaced, but rather the distance between them relates to the time in between when the images were taken. The first hanging of the works, at the opening reception, involve a performative action, wherein the stripe begins blank and the photographs are installed in front of the viewers at intervals determined by the temporal structure of each work. For Crosswalk, the viewing is slowed down to 1/16 of the original speed so that each second is represented as one minute.

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