Re-Edit Thessaloniki

Re-Edit Thessaloniki

Re-Edit Katowice

Re-Edit Katowice

A Book is a space

VOM PHOTO RE-EDIT is a workshop format that took place at the Fine Arts University Thessaloniki, Greece and the Academy of Fine Arts of Katowice, Poland. VOM PHOTO’s conceptual approach to photography as well as its open and experimental nature proofed to be a good base for it´s different shows. At the same time it been necessary to extend the project to work with young artists together at the locations VOM PHOTO took place. So a series of workshops started where several participants by different backgrounds attended to.

VOM PHOTO RE-EDIT present a special project catalogue, published by Cologne’s Walther König publishing house, which became the subject of a creative reinterpretation by the workshop participants.

The workshops were realized with the support by the Medialab Katowice and the Goethe Institute Thessaloniki